Running the Nature Reserve

Management of hydraulics
  • Water level: with the help of water intakes interspersed along channels and the Fier d’Ars bay.   Water levels on the Nature Reserve are regulated all year round to correspond to the needs of the flora and fauna.
“Nesting islands”
  • Construction: nesting islands have been constructed in order to encourage nesting birds to settle on the Nature Reserve
  • Maintenance : if the nesting islands are eroded away, they can easily be rebuilt/raised before the onset of spring
Maintenance of the infrastructure
  • Fences
  • Marine beacons
  • Hydraulics
  • Access
  • Buildings
Monitoring invasive species
  • Baccharis
  • Coypu
Management plan
  • This document sets out the necessary measures for management of the Nature Reserve and is only available in French. Please contact us by email for more information.


Please Note : This page is currently under construction. Please contact us if you have looking for specific pieces of information.

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